Our completed projects

To date, some 40 projects have been carried out in nearly 30 countries. Chryzalid focuses its efforts on projects dedicated to helping prisoners' families, social and professional reintegration and raising public awareness.

Benin (2010) : Computer workshop to help prisoners reintegrate into society

20 computers were distributed to 4 prisons, including one for women. This was followed by a 2-month computer training course for inmates.

Cameroon (2010): Medical equipment and computer workshops in prisons

Various medical equipment distributed, as well as 27 computers in 6 prisons. Prisoners were given a 3-month introduction to computers.

Ivory Coast (2016-2017): Training workshops in juvenile detention center

Set up 4 training workshops (carpentry, sewing, gardening, drawing) with qualified trainers at the Abidjan observation center for minors (COM).

Ethiopia (2012): Medical assistance in prison

6 doctors, a dentist and a nurse provided medical and dental care in 3 prisons for 2 weeks, treating over 1,500 people.

Guinea Conakry (2011-2012): A party for the children of prisoners

As part of the "Angel Tree" program, five Christmas parties were organized for 1,300 children. An opportunity to distribute school supplies, clothing and games.

Liberia (2010-2013): Schooling for children of prisoners

128 children of detainees (including 60 girls) supported in their schooling (school fees, equipment, etc.) and assisted by an instructor for academic support.

Madagascar (2011-2012): Medical care in prison

A delegation of 7 European doctors visited 6 prisons in the country on 2 occasions, treating a total of over 5,000 inmates.

DRC (2010-2011): "Center for peace and productivity".

Participation of 150 inmates in recreational activities (sports) and training activities in animal husbandry, agriculture and carpentry at Kasapa prison.

Sudan (2011): Medical care in prison

8 European medical volunteers accompanied by 15 local carers travel to 5 prisons over a 15-day period to provide the necessary care.

Sudan (2011): Medical care in prison

8 European medical volunteers accompanied by 15 local carers travel to 5 prisons over a 15-day period to provide the necessary care.

Rwanda (2012-2018): "Reconciliation Villages

Creation of two "reconciliation villages" for former genocidaires and families of genocide victims to work together on a common project of reconciliation and "living together".

Zimbabwe (2009): Parent-child bonding and support for children of prisoners

300 children visit their incarcerated parents. It's an opportunity to celebrate with a meal and the distribution of clothes, toys and school supplies.

Zimbabwe (2010): Medical care in prison

To combat malaria, cholera, tuberculosis and other diseases, a medical team visited 8 prisons and treated over 1,300 inmates.

Zimbabwe (2010): Medical care in prison

To combat malaria, cholera, tuberculosis and other diseases, a medical team visited 8 prisons and treated over 1,300 inmates.

Armenia (2011): Support for children of prisoners (Angel Tree®)

Organization of a party in honor of the children of prisoners in the presence of their non-imprisoned parent. On this occasion, the children received a gift accompanied by a card from their incarcerated parent.

Armenia (2012-2013): Production of a documentary film in prison

With this documentary, the Armenian Prison Fellowship bears witness to the human capacity for forgiveness and the virtues of reconciliation in restoring peace to the community.

Georgia (2010): Prison through the eyes of the prisoners

A project to reintegrate ex-prisoners through art, which gave rise to an exhibition involving former prisoners, with the support of artists and psychologists.

Georgia (2012): Training for adolescents at risk

14 girls and 10 boys, whose parents are incarcerated, took part in a 4-month computer training course (80 hours) to equip them for their entry into working life.

Lithuania (2010): Sending prescription glasses

Nearly 100 prisoners received eyeglasses specifically adapted to their needs.

Romania (2010): Seminars and training for association managers

55 heads of prison associations from 19 European countries met in Cluj, Romania, to exchange experiences and best practices in reducing recidivism.

Ukraine (2009-2010): Training in mechanics and truck driving

Following the donation of 7 trucks by the Swiss army, a mechanics workshop and driving courses were organized for minors held in Kovel prison. A year later, 2 more military trucks arrived with 4.5 tons of warm clothes for the Dubno youth prison.

Russia (2012): Film projection equipment for prisons

Currently, in Russian prisons, only 1 prisoner in 100 has access to film screenings. This multimedia equipment broadens the horizons of around 1,000 inmates.

Russia (2013-2014): Celebration for children of prisoners (Angel Tree®)

The Russian Prison Fellowship organizes celebrations to enable incarcerated children and their parents to celebrate Christmas together.

Russia (2015-2017): Drinking water and Angel Tree® program

Installation of filters and equipment to purify water in 4 prisons that had no drinking water. The Arbre de l'Ange program (a Christmas party for inmates and children) was also carried out in 2 of these prisons.

Russia (2019-2020): Playground in the prison

Women in Krasnodar prison keep their children aged 0-3 with them. These children spend the first years of their lives in prison. Building a playground improves their well-being and development.

Kazakhstan (2012-2013): Restorative justice "sycamore tree project®".

Restorative justice sessions where inmates and victims come together. Inmates become aware of the impact of their actions, while victims participate in the healing process.

Kirghizstan (2010): Fitting out premises

The Kyrgyz Prison Fellowship has been given premises to convert. In the basement of the building, a mushroom farm generates income for the association's projects.

Kyrgyzstan (2012-2014): Extension of a rehabilitation center for former prisoners

The purchase of arable land and seeds has enabled us to strengthen the existing rehabilitation center for ex-prisoners. The food produced also feeds 50 children and their mothers held in a women's prison.

Nepal (2010-2011): Farm for the reintegration of women ex-prisoners

Construction of a farm for some 20 women ex-prisoners to train them in agriculture and animal husbandry. The income generated helps to feed some 40 children of prisoners in 2 homes.

Nepal (2012): Support for children of prisoners (Arbre de l'Ange®)

The Angel Tree® program fosters ties between inmates and their children, and provides support to the latter through a Christmas ceremony and the distribution of gifts, clothing and school supplies.

Uzbekistan (2012-2013): Expansion of a farm/rehabilitation center

The Prison Brotherhood of Uzbekistan has set up a farm that welcomes 150 ex-prisoners a year, as part of a rehabilitation process. Extension of agricultural land by 10 hectares and introduction of rice cultivation

Philippines (2014): "Bread of hope" bakery in prison

Following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, the Philippine Prison Fellowship has set up a nourishing, income-generating project through a bakery in Tacloban prison.

Honduras (2016-2017): "Angel Tree

2000 children were able to celebrate Christmas with their parents incarcerated in the Choluteca, Nacaomé and PNFAS women's prisons. The program included sharing, meals, festive activities and gifts.


Their first toys

“I want to thank very deeply all the people who have made donations to be able to hold this party in this prison. This type of activity really brings joy to the women who are locked up, as well as to their children, many of whom are also locked up with them in this place. And for some of them, these are their first toys. God bless you all. »

– Director, PNFAS women’s prison, Angel Tree (Christmas) project, Honduras

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