Acting beyond the walls

Support for prisoners, their families and children, and for victims

To look behind the prison walls is to catch a glimpse of one of the world’s most stigmatized and precarious populations. Seeing beyond the walls means not forgetting their families, their children and the victims.

Chryzalid aims to contribute to a more caring and safer society

Professional reinsertion

Family reunification and support

Improved living and prison conditions

Project sustainability and autonomy

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The Chryzalid association

Christian non-profit organization based in Vevey, Switzerland, active since 2005, member of FEDEVACO and INTERACTION and ZEWO accredited.

Safe living

“I study in 3rd class and live with my grandmother. My mother abandoned me before my father was released. Now he’s out of prison, but he’s gone to India. He couldn’t earn money because of his health problems. I’m studying thanks to the Nepal Prison Fellowship program, and they’ve also helped us build a house. Now I can live safely in this house with my grandmother. »

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Did you know?

people incarcerated worldwide
1 millions
of inmates will be released from prison
1 %
of people released from prison reoffend
1 %

By making a donation, you’re helping to reintegrate people into the workforce and support families.