Their testimonies

A word from our beneficiaries

Breaking the cycle of crime

« As my husband, who was responsible for our income, is in prison, the responsibility was transferred to me as the second head of the family. It was very difficult for me to meet my children’s daily needs and give them an education. I was always very worried that my children would not be able to get an education, that they would be vulnerable in the future and that they would commit crimes. But since I’ve received help with school fees and supplies, it’s helping me to give my children an education and secure their future, which will help me break the cycle of crime. »

– Inmate’s wife, Nepal


Giving hope

« When my daughter was a year old, I was sentenced to 6 and a half years in prison. At the time, I was the sole provider for my wife and daughter. Already living in precarious conditions, I was very worried about their survival. I learned about the Nepal Prison Fellowship’s support program after 3 years of incarceration, and it gave me new hope. They were able to bring electricity into the house using a solar panel, and I no longer had to worry about books, satchels, uniforms and other materials needed for my daughter’s schooling. I am forever grateful for this generous support. »

– Inmate of Ghoragi prison, Nepal

A remarkable transformation

« The actions of the Onésime center have brought about a remarkable transformation in the social life of the residents, in their much-improved relationship with their families, in their respect for values such as respect for others, coordinated participation in household chores, a clear willingness to integrate through a trade, the upkeep of their own environment: bedroom, courtyard, classroom, a greater awareness on the part of the residents of the consequences of the street, a better knowledge of God. »

– External evaluator of the Onésime project, Ivory Coast


Reconnecting with my family

« I was allowed to grow lettuces on a small plot of land next to the dormitories. I then managed to sell them in the village. My goal was to be able to buy a chicken and take it to my father to ask his forgiveness. This gesture enabled me to reconnect with my family. »

– Young people at the Onésime center, Ivory Coast

I regained their trust

« During the Ramadan holiday, I went to visit my parents in Yamoussoukro, and as soon as the neighbors saw me, they asked their children to go back into the house because the neighborhood thug had returned. So I said to myself, I’ll have to behave differently in the days to come. So I decided to go and help them with their various chores. Little by little I regained their trust, and returned to Onésime. Then came the Tabaski vacations, and I went back to Yamoussoukro to see my parents. This time, instead of hiding their children or forbidding them to see me, it was they who gave me a warm welcome, saying “chérif nan-nan”, meaning “chérif has come”. I was very happy, so after the Tabaski feast, I mobilized my friends in the neighborhood to do some maintenance work, and another day we went to work in my father’s field. When I had to return to Onésime, they were all sad, starting with the eldest. They even gave me money and advice, urging me to listen and put into practice everything I was taught at the center. »

– Young people at the Onésime center, Ivory Coast

Optimistic for the future

« Before I met the Prison Fellowship, I had a hard time. I only had one sewing machine because I’m a seamstress. But when I got to know the Prison Fellowship, especially with the training and subsidies, I now have four machines. I’ve also built a shed. Things are going well for me now and I’m very optimistic about the future. My husband is proud of me and supports me. I’d like to thank the Prison Fellowship and its financial partner for helping me. I pray that the project will have a long life so that other women can benefit from it. »

– Inmate’s wife, Lomé, Togo

Good feelings for us and our children

« I want to thank God first and foremost, but also you and those who have donated all this, because we’re going through some very difficult times here, but it’s good to know that there are people who still have good feelings for us and our children. Once again, many thanks. »

– Woman in PNFAS prison, Angel Tree project (Christmas), Honduras

Now I can play with my friends

« Thanks for the toy, the car is really cool! Now I can play with my friends. »

– Inmate’s child, Angel Tree project (Christmas), Honduras

Their first toys

« I’d like to say a very big thank you to everyone who donated to make this party possible in this prison. This type of activity really brings joy to the women who are locked up, as well as to their children, many of whom are also locked up with them in this place. And for some of them, these are their first toys. God bless you all. »

– Director, PNFAS women’s prison, Angel Tree project (Christmas), Honduras

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