Missions and values

Our missions

Chryzalid is a Swiss non-governmental non-profit organization, active since 2005. We support and promote actions to ensure the respect, dignity and reconstruction of people deprived of their freedom – especially minors – their families and victims.

Our main areas of intervention, inside and outside prisons:

Chryzalid mainly develops the initiatives of the National Prison Fraternities, created at the instigation of Charles Colson, a former special advisor to President Nixon, who was himself incarcerated after the Watergate affair.

Around 140 of these national associations are members of the International Prison Fellowship, recognized by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Chryzalid is active in a number of countries in the South and East.

Our projects are carried out without distinction of origin, gender, language or religion.

Our values drive us


Human rights

Restorative justice

Christian faith

Fairness and equality