Chryzalid, formerly known as the “Association des Amis de la Fraternité Internationale” (Association of Friends of the International Fraternity of Prisons, AAFIP) created in 2005 is a non-profit Swiss NGO.

For 10 years, Chryzalid has primarily been developing the initiatives of Fraternités Nationales des prisons (National Prison Fraternities), created with the energetic encouragement of Charles Colson, former special counsel to President Nixon, himself having been incarcerated after the Watergate affair.

Nearly 125 of these national associations have come together under Fraternité International des Prisons (International Fraternity of Prisons), recognised by the United Nations Economic and Social Counsel.



SRF1 Kossi Atchon hat einen Beruf gelerntCreation of workshops in 4 different prisons in Togo allowing some 500 inmates to learn a trade and of a cooperative bringing together prisoners’ wives to sell the products. The Swiss TV showed a documentary on the project.


projet Centre d'observation des mineursThe furnishing of 4 workshops in the Centre d’observation des mineurs in Abidjan / Ivory Coast allows some 170 minors to learn a trade.
The project was nominated for the prize Fengarion Mireille Caloghiris.



Emergency project: Setting up a bakery in the Tacloban prison after the devastation by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.



Creation of rehabilitation and agricultural development activity centres for ex-inmates in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal.


Soirée débat Vevey

Creation of a documentary in Armenia on the living conditions in prisons for women. The documentary was screened in Vevey in 2014 and a lively debate on prison conditions took place.

Since 2011


Launch of a programme for the reconciliation of Rwandans. Construction of reconciliation villages.


Scolarisation Libéria

Schooling programme for the children of inmates in Liberia, in order to reduce the rate of illiteracy and delinquency.



Chryzalid has obtained the ZEWO label who attests the good donation breakdown for the organisations for public utility.


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Chryzalid adheres to Fedevaco (a Swiss Cooperation Federation) which supports the initiatives of different NGOs located in the Southern Hemisphere.

From 2009

Santé - GAPP - Mada

Launch of the prison medical assistance project which sends a team of caregivers to prisons. Madagascar, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe have all benefited from this programme.



Shipment of equipment by the Swiss army to Guinea-Conakry, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Burkina Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since 2005


Collection of funds and launch of the Angel Tree programme (Arbre de l’ange) which hosts a Christmas party for prisoners and their children. Ivory Coast, Nepal, Russia, Ukraine, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Guinea Conakry and Armenia have benefited from this project.