Focus areas

Chryzalid’s main goals centre around supporting the initiatives of national associations (associations nationales) in the interest of needy inmates, their families and victims.

  • Help for inmates' children and families.

    The indirect victims of the internment of a father or mother. Whether it’s a crime or an abusive incarceration, the family link is broken.
  • Social reintegration is the best weapon to fight relapses.

    Support for innovative approaches such as corrective justice, which reunites the offender and the victim, is needed in order to evaluate the reason for the act and the damage caused and to make restitution.
  • Sensitisation of the public and government.

    “Agir au-delà des murs” (Going beyond the walls) – in Switzerland and in intervening countries according to the projects taken up to mobilise and help NGO exposing and denouncing Human Rights infringements, helping prisoners to rebuild themselves through learning and apprenticeships- using work as an act of solidarity.