Gloriamundi” offers a free communication service so that financial resources from humanitarian aid participants may directly help those in need.


ZEWO Swiss certification service for public organisations (service suisse de certification pour les organisations d’utilité publique) assures you of transparency and proper usage of your donations.


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Supported by the State of Vaud, Bénévolat-Vaud’s goal is to develop and support associations, volunteering and mutual aid in the canton of Vaud


Fedevaco is an organisation that brings together active associations in partnership towards development. It allows public bodies
(confederations, cantons and municipalities) to contribute towards international solidarity through co-financing a wide variety of developmental projects in Southern and Eastern countries


With more than 4 francs per inhabitant, Vevey allocates a considerable portion of its budget to developmental aid projects via FEDEVACO.
This city also supports many regional organisations. As such, the municipality decided to hand over the former prison premises to local organisations including CHRYZALID.

Tiny streams form vast rivers, CHRYZALID thanks all donors who have deemed it trustworthy.